From Kagoshima to the World

Placed in the southernmost point of mainland Japan with a spectacular view of the volcanic island of Sakurajima, surrounded by the ocean and nature, is the beautiful city of Kagoshima.
Since 2017, “Kagoshima Jazz Festival” has invited the most prominent artists in the Japanese jazz scene for vibrant sessions and has grown into a large-scale festival dedicated to presenting authentic jazz music.
The most noteworthy characteristic of jazz music is its improvisational nature and spontaneous development of the ensemble. Artists in the jazz scene perform nightly at different venues with different musicians to continuously create new music. The notes played, the atmosphere of the venue, and the response of the audience all become inspiration to magically turn the music into something non-replicable. This is what it is to live and breathe jazz and what defines its beauty.
In this festival, we aim to present a rich slice of this daily life lived in the jazz scene. To achieve this, we do not book by groups or bands, but rather individual artists who are deep in the scene and play all across the globe. Whether one is familiar with jazz or not, we offer unique programs for everyone to enjoy real jazz and only able to be experienced here.
Music has always been a part of daily life and a beacon of hope for the people. In these times where we are faced with difficulties caused by COVID-19, we have especially felt a strong need to deliver music and therefore have decided to hold the festival online.
We sincerely hope for the true spirit and energy of jazz and the beauty of Kagoshima to be felt all across the globe. In the following years after we overcome these hardships, let us all experience “Kagoshima Jazz Festival” here in Kagoshima.



Japan’s Only Large-Scale Festival Dedicated to Authentic Jazz

“An evolving large-scale festival gaining popularity, fueled by a deep love for Kagoshima and dedication to authentic jazz.” – Jazz Japan (nationwide magazine)
 “Kagoshima Jazz Festival” selects artists only active in the real jazz scene.
While many jazz festivals have been including non-jazz acts in recent years, “Kagoshima Jazz Festival” has been garnering much attention as Japan’s only large-scale festival dedicated to exclusively presenting authentic jazz.
Masters of the craft active both in and outside of Japan will be performing in different combinations from the “Kagoshima Stage” and the “Tokyo Stage” for this exhilarating live-streamed event.


かつて神童と呼ばれ、その圧倒的な実力で天才の名をほしいままにするピアニスト、テイラー・アイグスティ。8歳でデイヴ・ブルーベック、クリス・ボッティ、ジョシュア・レッドマンとの共演でステージデビュー、14歳でCDデビューを果たし、2006年にはグラミー賞2部門にノミネートされる。これまでリーダーアルバムを7枚、50枚を超えるアルバムにサポートメンバーとして参加している。グレッチェン・パーラト、ケンドリック・スコット、エリック・ハーランド、ウォルター・スミスⅢ等とのレコーディングやワールドツアーでも知られる。 この数年は、クリス・ボッティとともにテレビ番組「GREAT PERFORMANCE」にも出演。2020年には8枚目となるアルバムをGSIレコードよりリリース予定である。 現代ジャズシーンの紛れもないトップアーティストのひとりとしてワールドワイドに活躍するアメリカジャズ界が誇る若手ピアニスト。




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Here There Everywhere
 In addition to having a wonderful selection of fantastic artists, another appealing factor of this festival is the unique, never-seen-before combinations of these artists. Musicians in these fresh groupings will perform one after the other, where some artists even collaborate for the first time on-stage. 

The intense energy produced through these improvisational ensembles goes beyond all musical boundaries and captivates every listener.

Exciting performances will be brought to you from the Kagoshima Stage and the Tokyo Stage, as well as from a remote collaboration stage using the latest technologies. We will be creating a more than satisfying online event viewable from anywhere in the world. 




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